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Our Services

We monitor service delivery and ensure our clients get value for their money – this is through supervision, training and offering technical support to our teams. We value client assessment and feedback and it is our habit to take note of the same in our project implementation process.

We have formed strategic partnerships with certified professionals in the various fields of construction to offer our clients a single point of contact for their building and construction solutions.

Our core service areas are:

  1. Building and Construction works
  2. Road Construction and Maintenance works
  3. Water & Agricultural infrastructure Works
  4. Telecommunication Infrastructure

We strive to ensure safety as we go about our business and as such, we conduct regular EHS trainings for our technicians to improve their on-site safety awareness, and we ensure that they are equipped with the proper safety gear at all times.

Our Service Commitment

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Building and Construction Works

Our services range from residential and commercial building construction to renovation and repair works. In addition, we provide specialized interior décor services ranging from design, painting, fittings and finishes.

Aside from the conventional structures, we also offer solutions in pre-fabricated structures. For this, we are in partnership with the Veldeman Group, a Belgian company that specializes in providing smart, solutions combining aluminium and PVC fabric, to construct both temporary and permanent structures. We see potential for this product in warehousing, production facilities, out-door markets and sports, leisure and recreational facilities.

Our scope of service covers: –

  1. Residential and commercial buildings design and construction
  2. Residential and commercial buildings renovations & repairs
  3. Plumbing, electrical and mechanical works
  4. Finishing and interior décor
  5. Design and construction of prefabricated structures
  6. Project Management Services

Road Construction & Maintenance Works

Avcon has over the last 3 years been involved in road construction and maintenance works, with focus on construction and maintenance of access roads to facilities located in areas with poor access roads and drainage systems. We have broadened our scope to cover:

  • Road construction and maintenance
  • Road marking & signage works
  • Construction and maintenance of pedestrian footpaths
  • Drainage and bridge works

Turnkey Telecommunications Solutions

Avcon Contractors offers complete infrastructure solutions to our clients. To provide these solutions, a combination of services is offered including site survey and planning, site acquisition, project management, site design and construction, site commissioning and maintenance services as well as securing of relevant regulatory and county permits for the BTS’. Our expertise, experience and efficiency has enabled us grow and work with leading telecommunication companies and service providers including TKL, Huawei, Lead com, Kenya Towers, Broadcom, Remmi and Ericson. Our technicians are highly experienced and skilled in this field and benefit from trainings and technical support from our lead engineers to ensure they deliver on the projects.

Fibre Optic Works: Avcon Contractors Ltd has unique expertise and experience in laying of fibre optic cables gained from laying of fibre cables for key players in the telecommunication sector. Our scope of works covers the areas below:

  1. Planning, survey and Design
  2. Civil Works
  3. Optical fibre cable laying
  4. Optical fibre cable splicing
  5. Structural cabling in big buildings
  6. Optical fibre network maintenance

Our highly experienced technical teams have vast the right technical expertise to effectively and efficiently undertake the fiber works listed under our service portfolio. Some of the notable projects we have been involved in as sub-contractors are laying of fibre cables for HUAWEI and REMI

Water Infrastructure Works

Avcon strives to develop solutions that are geared towards ensuring efficient and sustainable water supply, with emphasis on adoption of technology to aid in addressing water challenges faced by the modern-day society. Our technical teams are involved in all aspects of the project; from fieldwork, report generation, to design and supervision of the implementation of the infrastructure.

We specialize in:

  • We undertake hydrological surveys to locate wells, boreholes and other sources of underground water.
  • We drill and reset water wells and boreholes
  • We install, set up and maintain solar water pumps; our pumps are sourced from Well Pumps; a Belgian company renowned for its technology on water pumps. Our solar pumping system includes submersible solar pumps, mono and polycrystalline solar panels, controllers and delivery pipes.
  • We set-up water storage & treatment facilities with wide variety of storage solutions ranging from concrete, plastic, steel and collapsible tanks.
  • We install and set-up Digital Smart Water Meters that is install in pre-existing water distribution lines and also as a component of our solar pump system solution. Our smart water meter uses remnant magnetic field technology for billing accuracy, metering and digital management of the meters.

Agriculture Works

Avcon has established a division that is dedicated to providing state of the art agro-based infrastructure solutions and services. We seek and form partnerships with foreign companies with solid reputations in offering innovative agricultural solutions in the following areas:

  • Construction of storage facilities for produce: These include silos, barns, cold rooms, and warehouses.
  • Construction of animal housing and plant production facilities
  • Construction and set up of agro-based processing facilities
  • Design and construction of irrigation systems, waterways and canals
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